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Christopher Nolan confirmed for Batman 3?

ChristopherNolan.jpgWe've been waiting for news on Christopher Nolan and Batman 3 since The Dark Knight was released. Now we have what I guess you'd call the nearest we've been to news that he is coming back.

Not only that but it looks like production will be starting sooner than we expected. Could there finally be movement?

Since The Dark Knight there have been rumours galore on who might be the next Batman villain. And all this despite there being no director attached, with Christopher Nolan taking a well earned holiday. Now it could be we have the first half way concrete confirmation that Nolan will be back for a third Batman.

Cinema Blend say that the latest edition of Production Weekly, has Christopher Nolan officially as director of Batman 3. Also back are Christian Bale, Morgan Freeman, Michael Caine, and Gary Oldman. They also say that pre-production will begin in February 2009. It is a low key announcement for such an eagerly awaited film.

Still it is the closest we've come to some confirmed news on Batman 3. Let's just hope it's announced officially soon. Do you want Nolan back for a third Batman, or should someone else take over?



Nolan is the ONLY way to go. along with it's same cast of course.

Nolan All The Way, As For Villains, Harley Quinn Should Definately Be Used.

Christopher Nolan is an awesome director and as of Batman Begins and The Dark Knight, the only one who can portray the story of the Dark Knight to its fullest potential and should remain director for any future Batman films.


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