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Unseen Incredible Hulk opening online

Hulk.jpgThe opening scene for The Incredible Hulk (Filmstalker review) that never made it to the cinema version is online for all to see.

If you remember it was the scene where Bruce Banner arrives in some frozen wasteland and is trying to kill himself, except he doesn't and somewhere in the ensuing scene we catch a glimpse of Captain America.

Everyone's making a fuss about the Captain America scene, but you know what it's hardly even noticeable, and to be honest that goes for the whole opening sequence. I find myself looking at this and wondering what it could possibly have added to the film, apart from just showing far too much of the Hulk off the bat.

Have a look for yourself:

I'm glad it was cut. Did you see Captain America in the snow and ice flying towards the screen? Yeah, that was the big Captain America scene we were promised. I struggled with myself about writing this up and decided just to do it anyway, a wasted page I feel.



I know I need new glasses but I've viewed this 3 times and can't see him anywhere!

Yeah, that's my point.

You can see a scene by scene breakdown at Rope of Silicon.

Personally I think it's faked, or done after the film, because the image of the character looks way too big for that mountain range in the background, it just doesn't look right to me.

I still can't make it out, which has annoyed me slightly.

I had a look at that scene-by-scene link Richard. I think this takes "subtle" to new heights!

seen it several times-it does look strange somewhat-no i dont mean i saw Dr Strange in the ice-i simply cannot see Cap anywhere???

I just watched The Incredible Hulk on Blu-ray. He's definitely in there, if you want to move forward one frame at a time. But it does looks strange. I'm glad they didn't use the sequence.


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