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Creator on Prince of Perisa film

PrinceofPersia.jpgJake Gyllenhall is currently filming Prince of Perisa, the film version of the videogame. And if you were wondering what tone of film we can expect, the screenwriter and series creator has been giving us an idea.

Having never played the game, I don't really know what to expect. But apparently a good example is Pirates of the Caribbean.

After many rumours of leading men, Jake Gyllenhaal was cast as the Prince of Persia. Now Jordon Mechner, who helped create the original game, says that the film will be looking to Pirates of the Caribbean for inspiration. He spoke to MTV Movies Blog,

This is how we pitched it to Disney and Bruckheimer – as an old-fashioned swashbuckling action-adventure in a tradition going all the way back to the Doug Fairbanks movies. The modern equivalent being ‘Pirates of the Caribbean,’ an example of an old movie made new again, doing a fresh take on it for a modern audience. Tonally, I’d say it’s basically ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ with maybe a half-step towards ‘Gladiator'.

I'm not too sure where Gladiator comes into it. Unless they are going for a slighty more serious tone in some places. Mechner though, says that the film will be based part in fantasy and part in reality.

If you take the first ‘Sands of Time’ game, that was set in basically the real world, but with this mystical element that intrudes into it. It feels like it’s grounded in a very real world with historical roots, but then it’s got this fantasy element as well. It’s not completely over the top.

It sounds like they are trying hard to get a balance between both the fantasy aspects and the more realistic world. I've only played a little of the game, but I seem to remeber it being quite lighthearted. Unless I'm getting confused with another game of the same type.

Are you happy with the way they seem to be going with the film? Is Pirates of the Caribbean the right blueprint for a Prince of Persia film?



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