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Cronenberg directing Ludlum thriller?

DavidCronenberg.jpgBack in April we heard about a new film based on the novel The Matarese Circle by Robert Ludlum (Amazon.co.uk / Amazon.com) - you know the guy who wrote the Bourne books - and starring Denzel Washington with Michael Brandt and Derek Haas writing the script.

Now we hear some exciting news that really twists the whole idea on its head. David Cronenberg is in negotiations to join the production and direct.

Now imagine that. Think of Eastern Promises (Filmstalker review) and A History of Violence and apply that style and direction to a Bourne type spy thriller, that's something very interesting indeed, and something that works perfectly well don't you think?

Of course there's a sequel to the novel already, but according to The Hollywood Reporter that hasn't been bought from Ludlum...yet. So if this is successful and David Cronenberg enjoys working on it then we could well see another, and I'm sure Denzel Washington wouldn't mind working with Cronenberg for two films, it would give his career a nice twist too.

Just to run through the plot again, here's what I wrote out from the previous article:

“The film has two agents, one American and one Russian, who have to team up together as they try to take down an unknown group of assassins. There's a twist though, and a nice one too, each of the agents have been fighting against each other for years, and each has killed someone close to the other.”

Sounds like an interesting film already, and the strength of Ludlum's writing can really provide for a frantic film. Then there's the writing duo to consider, that's more action and excitement, but throwing in Denzel Washington is a little different, although not too off the beaten track, but with Cronenberg on board we could be in for something really different.

What I hope is that the studio aren't suddenly surprised by what Cronenberg delivers and decide to totally recut it as a straight Bourne action film. If they take him on board then they cannot be expecting Bourne, they have to be thinking Violence and Promises.



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