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Darabont leaves Citizen

FrankDarabont.jpgLaw Abiding Citizen was shaping up to be a pretty interesting film. Frank Darabont was directing, Gerard Butler was starring and Jamie Foxx was joining.

But now Frank Darabont has left the production. And for some reason, now I'm a little less interested.

When he isn't taking time out to sign posters for Richard. Gerard Butler is making films, and has his own production company. Law Abiding Citizen came from that production company, and with Butler onboard and Frank Darabont directing all sounded good. And only the other day we heard about Jamie Foxx, being close to joining the cast. But now Darabont has left the project.

AICN say that he left the project over a week ago, no reason has been given yet. Maybe it's creative differences, or plain old scheduling. The plot was sounding good, with Foxx set to play a man turned vigilante. His wife and daughter are killed, and the murder set free after a plea deal. Butler is the man responsible for the plea deal, and finds himself in the firing line.

Sounds like it could be a fairly powerful film, and Darabont sounded like a good choice. Wonder who will take over now. Any preferences?



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