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Dead Snow trailer

DeadSnow1.jpgWe have a trailer for a pretty interesting horror film. Let's just say it involves Nazi zombies, a group of travellers and snow, oh and a fair amount of blood.

Dead Snow is a Norwegian horror film, and the trailer looks good. Head inside for a look. No subtitles though, so if you understand the language you are one up on me.

Dead Snow tells the story of a group of Nazi soldiers, who were killed in Northern Norway by locals during the second World War. In present day, a group of eight friends drive to a cabin in Norway. Their holiday turns to disaster though, and they find themselves hunted by the Nazi soldiers, turned zombies.

The trailer is below from First Showing.net, through Terror Feed

Get More Trailers at TerrorFeed.com



Although it looks like standard horror fare (group of teens....old cabin....old man retelling a terrible tale etc etc) I'm definitely going to see this. NAZI ZOMBIES - hell yeah!

Translation inc:
line 1: How many movies start off with a group of kids going on a cabin trip without cellphone coverage?
Line 2: Someone's there.
Line 3: Believe me when i say this, these were evil motherfuckers. (loosely translated hehe)
Line 4: WTF?

and there u have it :)


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