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Douglas awarded AFI lifetime achievement

MichaelDouglas.jpgMichael Douglas has been awarded the American Film Institute's lifetime achievement award some some seventeen years after his father, Kirk Douglas, was awarded the same honour.

He will receive the award at a tribute event in June, which will actually be eighteen years after his father. While some might be scratching their heads at why he should be given such an award, it's obvious from looking at his past career why he has.

What's interesting about Michael Douglas' career is that a lot of people think he's had a string of bad films of late, and that's just not true. What is true is that he's had some mediocre or bad films that have been picked upon and people just haven't picked on the good ones.

I was surprised looking back that in his last twenty films since Basic Instinct in 1992 he's had some strong films, starting with that one and going onto Falling Down, Disclosure, The American President, The Game, Wonder Boys, Traffic, The Sentinel and King of California.

Yeah I know you're going to pick at me for a couple of those choices, but I think they are all strong films, and Douglas gives good performances in them all.

Before 1992 he's had such films as The War of the Roses, Wall Street, Fatal Attraction, A Chorus Line, The Jewel of the Nile, Romancing the Stone, The Star Chamber, The China Syndrome, Coma, and then there's his long running television role in The Streets of San Francisco.

Now looking at that you have to be impressed. For me though there are a few roles that stand out above all others, Falling Down, The Star Chamber, The Game, The War of the Roses, Wall Street, Romancing the Stone and The China Syndrome. Oh I have a soft spot for A Chorus Line too. However it's Wall Street that won him a Best Actor Oscar.

What are your most memorable Michael Douglas roles? Do you agree with my list?

Through the BBC Michael Douglas says of the award:

"I am honoured and overwhelmed to be included in such a prestigious group of film-makers...I am particularly moved to be following my father 18 years later"

The chairman of the AFI, Howard Stringer, puts into words one of the main reasons that Douglas deserves the award.

"Though he is most beloved as one of the great leading men of the movies, Michael is also a most accomplished film producer and, ultimately, an artist whose films have been elevated in the pantheon of American film."

What's interesting about Douglas is that his on screen power doesn't seem to be fading as he seems to have more roles lined up in the next year than he has in the previous five, and they're all looking strong roles for him too.

Could we see him collect this award and see his career pick up once again?



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