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Evil Dead future has team at odds

TheEvilDead.jpgIt's all a bit confusing what's happening about the Evil Dead franchise and if it's going to continue in any form. We've heard that there's a chance of a remake, of a musical on stage, and of a sequel, and nothing ever comes to fruition.

In the last few days a couple of stories have come out about some of the people involved in that project, Bruce Campbell, Sam Raimi and Rob Tapert, and they all seem to be going off in different directions, wanting different things, and ultimately not coming together on the idea of more Evil Dead.

There's been plenty of talk before, for all of it just have a look at the Evil Dead stories on Filmstalker.

We've heard that Bruce Campbell won't do another film without Sam Raimi, then we heard from Raimi that it would undoubtedly happen and if Ivan Raimi and he got a script together he would do it. Meanwhile Campbell said that it should be low bidget and they should go back to how they shot the original, doing anything but appealing to the studio. Then, as if out of nowhere, we heard that there's an Evil Dead musical in the works.

Quite frankly we were confused, and waiting patiently.

The other day Bruce Campbell came out and spoke about the possibility, and was quite harsh about it. He's said pretty much the same thing before, but not with as much power.

"Look, let's cut to the chase because you keep dancing around it, if you're talking about Ash coming back again, Sam Raimi has the best perspective. He says, 'Look, I can go back and do Ash vs. whoever whenever I want. I can do that when I'm 70; I don't have to do that now. Right now I'm on a fast, fat groovy train in Hollywood.' And he's going to follow that, and he'll come back and to EVIL DEAD stuff when he's unemployed and living at the Old Director's Home"

That quote came from Toyfare through AITH and doesn't sound like there's a chance of it happening soon, if at all to be honest.

Then today we hear another point of view on the team, from the producer Rob Tapert. He's more interested in the musical version again, a 3D musical version no doubt, although he does reveal that Sam Raimi is still talking of a fourth film:

"There's a guy [producer Don Carmody] who wants to make a musical out of it, a 3-D musical based on the one [Evil Dead: The Musical] that ran off-Broadway...And I still think that that's the one I'd like to see greatly. Sam promises he's going to do Evil Dead IV, with Bruce Campbell starring in it [as Ash], at some point in time. I just hope Bruce is still alive."

Those comments through SciFi Wire kind of echoes the comments from Campbell that it might never happen, or it might happen so late in Raimi's career that they might be doing Bubba Evil Dead!

What would you want out of these guys? Musical, sequel with old blokes, new young remake...anything at all?



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