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Final, final Valkyrie trailer online

Cruise-Valkyrie-Small.jpgNo this really is the final Valkyrie trailer, until the televsion spots and any additional cinema teasers we see released. Anyway, this is a corker of a trailer and really gets through the power and intensity of the film. You feel the weight of the situation pressing on the characters and the expectation on their shoulders.

What it also does is focus on the main plot and the main characters without trying to show the ensemble cast. I would guess that the other trailers have done that job for us so now it's time to focus, and it works.

You can see the trailer for Valkyrie right here, and I honestly can't find fault with it. I'm even finding that I'm not thinking that's Tom Cruise there and I'm getting into the character and performance, that's something I've talked about before and he can pull off superbly when he's challenged in a role.

Actually there is something that's still annoying me a little, and I can understand why it was done and that it will benefit the film, but still. Colonel Claus von Stauffenberg has become a well respected figure, indeed a hero to some, especially in Germany. You see he was the front of a group of high ranking German soldiers who were opposed to Hitler and his methods and tried to assassinate him before it was too late for their country, to try and show the rest of the world that there was good in the nation.

Now that would make him a hero in my eyes if I were German. However seeing the film in English and all the roles played by non-German characters, does diminish that feeling a little. Sure everything is represented as German throughout the film, there's no hiding that, but there's a little bit of disassociation that happens when the characters are all speaking English.

Of course I totally understand why too, to market the film in America and to make this a big, well received film, and the more people that see it, the more realise the truth of the story and that not all the soldiers under Hitler's command were blindly following his orders.

It's a bit of a catch-22, and you can see the sides for both arguments, still I wonder if Germans will feel this has just taken a bit of the identity away from the story? Regardless, many more people will see it now and the story will be much more widely known.



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