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Footloose remake gains director?

Footloose.jpgThe director of the High School Musical films says that he's been asked to remake Footloose next year and he also revealed who is likely to be the lead to replace the iconic role made famous by Kevin Bacon, and really it's not a surprise.

It appears that Paramount are keen on the idea, as is director and possible lead.

Kenny Ortega is a producer, choreographer and the director on the High School Musical films and was speaking to BBC's Newsbeat about High School Musical 3: Senior Year when he revealed the news about Footloose and that he has been...

“...invited to re-imagine Footloose for Paramount next year”

Now that doesn't quite sound like he's directing the remake, it does sound as though he's working on creating the idea and possibly a rough outline for a script to see if the idea will float.

Personally I don't see a remake breaking the same ground that Footloose did, it's never going to be as mainstream and cult-ish as the original, and it will probably just go the same way as High School Musical, for the young fans of the stars and the music, the Disney channel audience.

Still, it seems as thought the idea is getting interest from the studio as Ortega reveals:

“There's some genuine enthusiasm coming from the Paramount side...I've really enjoyed working with them in our early development and it looks like there's a real good chance that this may be a movie that we're going to do next year.”

The article on the BBC reveals that, unsurprisingly, Ortega has someone in mind already for the role that Kevin Bacon once danced through, and it backs up what I just thought about the intended audience.

“I think he'd be the perfect, perfect, perfect candidate to step in. I mean he's got this global excitement, this wonderful know-how...He's the perfect age, so versatile, and talented and dynamic. You know it's hard for me to even imagine anybody that I think would be more perfectly suited.”

So they caught up with Zac Efron at the High School Musical 3: Senior Year première and asked him if he would be interested, he was diplomatic but did say that the film idea is moving on:

“I'll always be open to more musicals. I think they're fun and I think it's our responsibility as performers to try and keep them alive. I love Footloose - it's a great movie.”

I don't know, that's more diplomatic than an acceptance. However can you really see a new version of Footloose? Actually I can see it, it's just not right though.

Of course there's also this to consider. Ortega has revealed that he wants to do a fourth in the High School Musical series, but the class just had their senior year, so where would they be going now? Well off to work obviously, and imagine if Troy Bolton (the character Efron plays in High School Musical) leaves home and heads out into a small town for work, there finding that they have banned all rock and dance music as well as dancing itself.

That's the plot for High School Musical 4: Footloose.



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