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Fortuna shows world in financial ruin

DominicMonaghan.jpgI passed this by yesterday, but today I'm thinking that the plot outline for the film Fortuna sounds more realistic, and it's gaining traction by the second.

The film is set in the future and will see a world where the economies have collapsed and climite crisis has swept the globe. There is no middle class, only the extremely poor and the extremely rich. Sounds unreal? Perhaps not.

Just look at what's happening around us, it's not that difficult to believe in to be honest.

The film is billed as a horror-thriller and is set in the year 2100. The extremely wealthy part of the population are few, with the populous being the poor. In an attempt to keep control and avoid being overthrown the wealthy have created a game called Fortuna, one where the winners can win a fortune and elevate them to the upper classes of the wealthy.

According to the story in The Hollywood Reporter the big story twist is given away, and delivering an idea very much like that behind Logan's Run, the game is rigged and everyone who wins is never seen again, perhaps murdered.

The film will star Dominic Monaghan, Freddy Rodriguez and Barthélémy Grossmann as three of the poor who enter the competition, despite fearing that they will face something other than the promised riches.

Yeah, it isn't too far off a look into our future I would guess, and carries shades of Logan's Run, Solyent Green and The Running Man. It does sound rather interesting, but is it going to turn out to be more Running Man than anything else and give itself up to action over intelligence and political commentary?



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