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Good Dick trailer online

GoodDick.jpgI missed Good Dick at the Edinburgh International Film Festival this year – go ahead, make the comments – and seeing the trailer for the film I wish I hadn't. Despite what you might think this isn't a pornographic film, it's a comedy, romance and a sly look at the world of modern relationships.

It also carries some recognisable names in Tom Arnold, Charles Durning, Jason Ritter, Jesse Garcia and Marianna Palka who stars, writes and directs. Did I mention she's from Glasgow?

Good Dick was nominated for the Grand Jury Prize at Sundance this year, and won the EIFF New Director's Award. It tells the story of a video store employee, played by Jason Ritter, who begins to fall for a customer who continues to rent erotic DVD's.

However she doesn't want anything to do with him and...well, let's bow to the trailer for you to find out his unique method of getting closer to her.

You can see the trailer over at Apple Trailers [iPod:S:M:L] and I think it's a really good one. I like the way that the trailer is hinting at a closeness through combat between the characters, and how it hints at Marianna Palka's character starting to warm to her suitor.

What do you think? This could be a really lovely film with some intelligent things to say about relationships. Or it just could be a few good laughs. Either way the trailer looks good.



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