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Goyer's Unborn trailer online

DavidGoyer.jpgThe trailer for The Unborn is online, and in a piece of marketing genius they've given it to the hugely restrictive MTV to host. That means anyone outside of the U.S. can't see it. Great move. Let's alienate the rest of the world from the film.

Good news is that once you dig down into it you can get hold of the high definition version wherever you are in the world – perhaps MTV don't know about that and need to close it down immediately.

I've just watched it, no thanks to MTV, and it looks superb, scary as hell too. Some of those scenes are amazing and look hugely powerful, but then you can see the Michael Bay influence there, the gorgeous dark haired young beauty who's scantly clad and at one point in the shower.

That aside there is are some beautifully filmed moments in the trailer, and it looks like it's going to building up the tension throughout to some shattering conclusions.

The film tells the story of a young woman who starts to discover that something is trying to take over her body and possess her, the spirit of her unborn twin brother. Somehow she must fight it.

Oh and did I mention that Gary Oldman is in it and David S. Goyer wrote and directed The Unborn?

Head over to MTV through Coming Soon for the high definition in browser trailer, that all cinema audiences can see.

Scratch that, the direct link isn't working. Head to the following page and select the "Watch this in HD" link on the left hand side.



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