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Harrison Ford on Indy and Jack Ryan

HarrisonFord.jpgHarrison Ford has been talking about both Indiana Jones and Jack Ryan. Rumours abound for new films of both, and Harrison Ford sounds up for it.

He also fills us in on what what the future is for Indiana Jones, or rather what the future isn't.

Harrison Ford was talking to AOL, through First Showing.net, about both the Indiana Jones and Jack Ryan franchises. Recently Ford told us that George Lucas was "in think mode", for another Indiana Jones. He confirms though that the plan has never been to pass on the series to Shia LaBeouf.

I think it just doesn't work that way. And there's definitely a distinction between passing the fedora and someone picking it up.

How long can the films go on with Ford starring though? He's obviously open to another one, script depending.

I was relieved when I read a script that I felt fully confident in. That's what I'd been waiting for. Again, it would have to do with the quality of the script that I read, if and when we decide to go forward.

Having taken so long to get a script for Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (Filmstalker review), you wonder how long another one will take. And there is still the fact that Lucas and Steven Spielberg, seem to have opposing views on the future for Indy. He also is still open to revisiting Jack Ryan, an idea which has been bouncing around for a while.

I thought that we hadn't quite exhausted the potential of the Jack Ryan character. Those films were, I think, very good movies. I wouldn't mind doing another of those.

The Jack Ryan series is minus a director at the moment, so we shall see if he gets the opportunity. Do you want Harrison Ford to revisit either or both of these two? Or did the most recent Indy film put you off any more?



the latest Indy film didnt do anything for me to be honest- reason being -it took too long to appear and since then numerous indy clone movies -Sky Pirates, Romancing the Stone, Italian spin offs- the Raiders of this- the Raiders of this -etc even the Bollywood industry was at it-right up to the Brendan Fraser's Mummy films-
Harrison Ford- excellent actor -because of the genre-Jack Ryan might work-but Indiana should have been left with the original three as should have the original Star Wars-!!!!


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