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Henson puppets in film noir

Muppets-Waldorf-Statler.jpgThe Jim Henson Company is about to take the famous puppets into a brave new world, an adult world, in a film noir murder mystery intended for an adult audience.

The company have another production arm that develops projects especially for adults and The Happytime Murders is heading straight for that market. What would Jim Henson make of it all?

Brian Henson, one of Jim's sons and a co-CEO of the company, is set to direct the film that takes place in a world where humans and puppets co-exist, perhaps a little like Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, and here there the puppets are viewed as second class citizens.

The cast of a classic eighties children show called The Happytime Gang start to get murdered one by one, except the cast are all puppets and no one really wants to know.

A disgraced LAPD detective who is now a private eye takes on the case, add to that the fact that he has a drinking problem and I don't see how much further away from Henson puppetry we could get without adding in sex!

The Yahoo News article also tells us that the script was written by Todd Berger from a story he worked on with Dee Austin Robertson.

However much it sounds like Who Framed Roger Rabbit it still sounds an interesting film, and with it being film noir too, I'm going to have to say I'd sign up. Muppets in a film noir with murder? Oh that has to be a dream script.



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