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House horror trailer online

MichaelMadsen.jpgNow here's an interesting trailer. House is not the television series, not here anyway, this is the main character of a film, a horror film to be exact, and one that looks like it could deliver a fair amount of horror and scares at the same time.

The story opens with a similar premise of a couple in a strange accident forced to rest up for the evening in a welcoming Inn which seems to be in the middle of nowhere, however it soon changes and it starts to turn pretty bleak.

At first I was discouraged when I saw the first cast member mentioned was Michael Madsen, no offence but of late he hasn't been doing that much of high quality, then I saw the blurb about the writers and after watching the trailer and I'm turned around.

Robby Henson directs the film, he previously directed the horror film Thr3e which comes from a novel by Ted Dekker. Well both Dekker and Frank Peretti are the writers of the novel from which this film is adapted, and Peretti co-wrote the screenplay along with Rob Green.

Dekker and Peretti, according to the trailer, have some twelve million books sold over the last twenty years.

The story sees the couple arrive in the Inn and meet another wayward couple who have just arrived. However now that they're here it seems that the house won't let them leave, or rather a character called The Tin Man won't let them leave, not alive anyway.

He gives them a choice though, kill one of the four before sunrise and they can walk away alive, otherwise they all die. So they begin searching the house for some escape, yet the house has its own purpose in mind for them all.

Out of the almost two hundred votes that have been made on IMDB for the film there's quite a high rating, and some of the comments about it are rather positive.

Have a look at the trailer over at Apple Trailers [iPod:S:M:L] and see what you think. I'm rather interested now.



House is so awesome! You've got to see this movie tomorrow! I mean, the story is great, the casting, the creepy scenes, perfect horror movie! I'm a fan of Dekker and Peretti, and I'm glad they made House into a movie! This is highly recommended guys! Check out their official website, housethemovie.net for the list of theaters where it'll appear. I'm really excited! :)


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