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Incendiary trailer online

Incendiary.jpgThe trailer for Incendiary is online. What's that you ask, well that should have stuck in your mind, it's the film about an woman who is committing adultery on the day of the a terrorist attack at a football match that her son and husband are attending. She is, of course, wracked with guilt, and from then on she struggles with her life as well as the demands of her lover.

It looks rather interesting, although I wonder how much it is diminishing the story of a terrorist attack on London over the story of the couple? It's taken from a well known novel by Chris Cleave (Amazon.co.uk / Amazon.com) and adapted and directed by Sharon Maguire, aka Bridget Jones's Diary, and stars Michelle Williams, Ewan McGregor and Matthew Macfadyen.

The trailer is rather interesting, because it hints at the way it plays out between the couple with the ex-wife struggling to cope and her lover seemingly trying to make something more of it. Then there's the role of Matthew Macfadyen who seems to be someone in government and close to Ewan McGregor's character, hiding some form of secret about the attacks that McGregor seems to be close to exposing.

It all seems rather interesting, particularly that short shot of barrage balloons over modern day London.

What do you think of the trailer then? My only uncomfortable moment is that whenever you hear Michelle Williams speaking you don't see her speaking on screen, perhaps that was just the cut but it seemed a little odd, is it perhaps her London accent?

Here's the trailer for Incendiary.



Looks good. I wouldn't mind seeing that.


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