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Jack Ryan film fast-tracked

JackRyan.jpgA Jack Ryan film is being fast-tracked according to reports and two of the original producers are back on board to try and get the franchise moving. This news comes hot on the heels of the word that Sam Raimi won't be involved in the restart of the character's franchise.

Mace Neufeld and Lorenzo di Bonaventura are the producers on board this restart. Di Bonaventura was involved in the next film in the franchise which was scrapped when Raimi came along, and Neufeld has been involved in all the previous Ryan films.

It sounds as if Mace Neufeld and Lorenzo di Bonaventura are two great names to get involved and kick off the franchise again, and the word is that they're as yet undecided about whether this will be a young or old Ryan

The story comes from Moviehole through Cinema Blend.

While most people side with Harrison Ford as the best Jack Ryan, I disagree and think that Alec Baldwin was the best, however I doubt he'll be back. Interestingly though Ford has announced he'd be interested in making a return, but for me he's too old.

We need a middle aged Jack Ryan, and a man who is slightly out of his depth in the politics of the government and still wants to get hands on.

What we also need, and I firmly believe this, is a Jack Ryan linked in with a Tom Clancy story, and this new franchise will not feature anything from Tom Clancy.

I'm surprised more people aren't picking up on that because I find that the biggest part of this story, Jack Ryan without Tom Clancy is a huge deal, it's just taking a character away from the man who created all the stories around it and trying to make a new one without that experience.

I'm still not sure it will work, at least they can't mess it up like they did with Ben Affleck...can they?



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