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Let the Right One In red band trailer

LetTheRightOneIn.jpgThe red band trailer is online for Let the Right One In, or Låt den rätte komma in. The story is about a quiet boy who is bullied at school and turns in on himself finding comfort in a life of solace – now I remember that from school!

He meets a girl called Eli who can't stand to be in the sun, hates food, and has to wait to be invited into a room. He realises what she is when she starts to offer him the chance of revenge against those that have made his life a misery, but can he keep loving her when he realises what she's capable of?

Let the Right One In is my biggest regret of the Edinburgh International Film Festival, I missed it because Emily Mortimer turned up very late for her screening of Transsiberian (Filmstalker review), and that turned out to be a disappointment, although she was very funny, lovely, and extremely nervous in her Q&A. If only she'd been five minutes earlier then I could have caught the film. However I missed it and I've regretted it since.

This red band trailer just piles on that guilt for me because it looks superb, it's definitely a film that you should be trying to see when it comes out.

I love the style of the film and the way it suggests such a slow pace, and that head twisting scene, ouch.



I think that looks fantastic.


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