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Marley and Me trailer

MarleyandMe.jpgWe have a trailer for Marley and Me, which stars Owen Wilson and Jennifer Aniston. Based on the memoirs of John Grogan, it tells the story of a couple whose lives are turned upside down by their new dog.

The trailer is inside. And if you accept the fact that it's a family film it doesn't look half bad.

Marley and Me sees Owen Wilson buy a dog for his other half, in an attempt to distract her from wanting kids. The dog proves to be a tad mischievous, but as you'd expect they grow to love him. The trailer is below from Jo Blo. Take a look and see what you think.



i like this folks-a really feelgood family movie-in which the dog is the 'intelligent' protagonist who helps his 'masters' or is the dog- the 'real' master and teacher to these humans searching for a purpose.
(Personally hate the word master- as i feel animals -who are blessed with distinctive emotions-are colleagues to humans-well that's my opinion!!)
I actually do rate Owen Wilson and Jennifer Aniston as two fine actors-a bit of fun over Xmas-!!


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