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McG says Terminator: Salvation filming complete

TerminatorSalvation.jpgMcG has dropped an update on the official Terminator: Salvation blog and announced that the principal photography has ended. That means they are entering post production and early cuts of the film have been shown to the leading actors.

He includes the impressions that they had for the film, which are surprisingly modest, and talks about the plans for the effects team, and one rather secretive scene in particular.

With the short write up on the official blog we hear that Christian Bale and Sam Worhington have already seen early cuts of the film, cuts that would mean no special effects or post production, which means VERY rough. They won't even be fully edited.

However the word is that they were both “pleased with where the film was headed”, and that sounds very promising to me. The fact that it isn't over hyped or over sold in that statement is good, because it probably means that it's how they really felt about it and that McG is holding himself back and really trying to make this work. Genuinely I believe that, I know there are a lot of people out there who think that the McG and Terminator marriage is not a great one, and to be honest I am still sitting with a foot firmly in that camp, but there's hope, and with each word, still and clip, I'm stepping across.

He then talks about the responsibility of the effects team on the film - something that McG keeps talking about, the responsibility in this film, and that's another reason why I think he's really doing a positive job – and he reveals that even here there's a responsibility to create something as ground breaking as they have with the previous effects on the other Terminator films.

What's interesting about this is that he readily admits that they are pushing for practical here and trying to get as much reality into the machines as possible, making them gritty and in the early stages of Terminator development. That, I believe, is perfect for the storyline and where we are in the timeline.

However he says that there's one scene that will demand something special.

“We want the patina of the machines to be dirty and heavy and perfectly realistic - that's why we built so much practically with Stan Winston. But at some point the effects kick in and like any Terminator fan, Charlie [Gibson, VFX supervisor] wants his mind blown. There's one sequence in particular where we're trying to achieve something that's never been done before. I don't want to talk about it because we haven't been successful yet...”

As if there wasn't already enough positive talk coming from McG, he goes on to talk about working with his editor, and I start to think that either he's going way over the top to appease the fans, or he's actually really putting everything into making this a true Terminator film.

The world class editor, Conrad Buff, comes from Terminator 2: Judgement Day (as well as tons of other big name films) and McG has nothing but praise for working with him:

“Every day I learn from Conrad as he makes the elegant choices of a disciplined filmmaker. It feels great to have his confidence in the movie. I take his opinion very seriously, he provides a daily litmus test for what is worthy of a Terminator film.”

At every opportunity that McG gets to talk about Terminator: Salvation it seems that he's lauding the praise on others in the production and really turning the spotlight away from him.

So he's a great leader/manager, and would do well in any business with that attitude, but is he going to produce a great Terminator film? Personally I think he's headed to give us a film much better than Judgement Day, and perhaps as good as the original Terminators.



This is a film that I'm really looking forward to and hoping will surprise me (in a good sense). The Terminator films are very dear to me as they are the films that really got me interested into film making and film in general.

Fingers crossed Richard!


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