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Middle Men gains cast

JamesCaan.jpgThe film Middle Men sees Hollywood taking a look at the industry that is continually leading the way for them in the development of the distribution and selling of film to the audience, the pornographic industry.

Middle Men is a film that will chronicle the birth of the Internet porn industry, which isn't really a birth, just the continuing diversification of the industry. Now the film has gained a number of notable actors and it's starting to seem like a rather interesting production.

Announced as joining the Middle Men cast are James Caan, Gabriel Macht, Peter Stormare and Rachael Taylor, they join two other names already associated with the film, Luke Wilson and Giovanni Ribisi.

Now that really does sound like a strong cast list, and with George Gallo directing from a script he wrote with Andy Weiss, I'm beginning to wonder if this is more than a film gaining marketing by looking into the adult industry.

According to Variety the script looks at a businessman who starts the first online billing company dealing exclusively with adult entertainment, and as his company grows he finds he's occupying an entirely new world consisting of adult stars, conmen, mobsters, federal agents and international terrorists – because as people like the MPAA keep telling us, piracy and porn fund terrorists...or some rubbish like that.

Wait a minute though, this isn't really a look at the adult industry exploiting the Internet as a marketing channel, it's actually a look at a third party company who started by selling their service to an adult entertainment company and then found themselves exclusively marketing to that audience.

So this marketing of it being about the birth of the adult industry on the Internet isn't quite right is it? What about how the adult industry pioneered so many of the advances in cinema? What about the move to videotape? How about the actual push to use the Internet as a new marketing channel? Well it is a comedy, so this isn't going to be the factual look back that I would like.

Still, this film is looking good with a strong cast, James Caan and Peter Stromare are particularly interesting names on the list.

(P.S. I'm back! Slow transition in though.)



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