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Multiple Incendiary trailers

Incendiary.jpgWe just hit the new Incendiary trailer online a few days ago, but I've been sent through the official version in Quicktime, Windows Media Player and Real Player in a variety of sizes.

The films tells the story of a woman who, while having an affair, finds her son and husband murdered in the midst of a terrorist attack during a football game. From then on she struggles dealing with her life as well as the demands of her lover.

The film does look good and this trailer looks interesting. With Michelle Williams Ewan McGregor and Matthew Macfadyen leading the way you might be thinking like me and that the film could have some pretty dramatic storylines to play out.

Here's the trailer for Incendiary.

Windows Media Player: 100k, 330k, 850k, 1500k

Quicktime: 100k, 330k, 850k, 1500k

Real Player: 100k, 330k, 850k, 1500k



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