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Murray wants female Ghostbusters

BillMurray.jpgSeems once Bill Murray is talking about Ghostbusters he can't stop, and that's perhaps a bad thing considering what he's started discussing.

His latest idea is that maybe there should be a female Ghostbuster, and while I'm not a sexist, I can see where this is going, and it's bad.

What next? Let's just rip this Ghostbusters to hell why not? In fact let's throw not only a woman but a young, very tanned woman who his high up on the FHM sexiest women chart, how about throwing in a hip-hop star?

Now we need big action sequences with fast cuts, close cropped camera framing, and some shakey-cam.

What else can we throw in there? CGI. We need plenty of CGI, and some of that new cool background effect we keep seeing? It goes on and on, the possibilities are endless.

Sure, you could add all of these things and have a new film which might actually be entertaining, but would it be Ghostbusters any more? No, not a jot. They're already talking about the film having the old crew in it merely to hand over to the new crew, a crew that sounds like it'll be the Super-Knocked-Up-Bad team. I'm rapidly going off this idea.

I think Bill Murray is doing some reverse psychology on us all, he never wanted to do another Ghostbusters live action film, and so rather than say no and upset the fans he's doing all he can to make it sound terrible and ensure it never gets made. The problem is that the studio might just like all the ideas and make it into a reboot of Ghostbusters.

You can see his interview where he drops this comment over on MTV...oh wait...if you're in that tiny, non-consequential and non-box office earning place called “the rest of the world outside of the U.S.” then you can't.



I have two conditions:

1) Bill Murray is the main star, not just there to "pass the torch"

2) They keep the special effects minimum like the first film

That is all I ask.

Yeah, that would work for me, I'd add the entire Ghostbusters crew to that first line but that's all I want.

I wouldn't mind if one of them was female, or perhaps a few new characters were introduced, but the handing over of the roles isn't working for me, and this continual hinting of big changes has me thinking we're in for something far from the original.

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