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New Friday 13th trailer online

Fridaythe13th-RemakePoster.jpgA new trailer for the Friday 13th remake has appeared online, and I find it a little disappointing actually, especially compared to the footage we saw, and still have, from Comic-Con.

This trailer takes a couple of scenes from that extended viewing and makes it into a trailer, or perhaps it's just more teaser footage and the trailer is yet to come, right now we don't really know.

The remake of Friday the 13th is promising much, including taking the character back to his roots and bringing us the original Jason Voorhees, sans supernatural powers. That's something I like, if they do manage to take the whole story back to the terrifying roots, rather than having him all cyborged up, indestructible and in space.

The footage we saw at Comic-Con, and you can still see here on Filmstalker, is rather good, although it does seem to show every death scene there is! This new footage shown on Scream 2008 just the other night, has already been seen there but it's in focus and steady, although still a bootlegged recording.

You can also see it's just two scenes from that footage with the cool mask pullout in the middle, and I do like that effect. I'd prefer if it was slower and mixed in with the footage of the kids walking through the darkness, and it's not until the end when the full mask is revealed.

Regardless of what I would like, let's see what you think of the new footage:

The poster itself looks great, let's hope that's the official one, but what does this new footage do for you? I find it a bit more intimate. Rather than all the numerous killings in the original Comic-Con footage, this one focuses on Voorhees and a single, brutal, murder. This could be good.



Love the bit at the end. Creepy.

Not sure about this one. I like horror films, but this seems like the same old stuff. I know what I'm going to get, a crazy guy in a hockey mask. I'm not sure it will have the same impact now as it did years ago when I first watched them.


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