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New JCVD trailer online

VanDamme.jpgWe have a new trailer for JCVD, starring Jean-Claude Van Damme. Usually those words would fill you with dread, but this film looks rather good.

Van Damme plays himself, a role even he can manage. You can see the new trailer inside.

JCVD has Jean-Claude Van Damme as an aging action star, who is finding life increasingly difficult. With work unsatisfying and money drying up, he finds himself in a strange situation. The trailer is below from /film.

It looks like it's been cut slightly different to the earlier trailer. Seems a bit more serious. This might be the first Van Damme film since Universal Soldier that I watch. Oh, I forgot about Timecop, but there's a reason for that...What do you think of the trailer?



It does look surprisingly watchable. If it is, I'd give credit to the director (Mabrouk El Mechri, according to IMDb) for the good idea more than to Jean-Claude.


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