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New JFK conspiracy film coming

DorothyKilgallen.jpgThe assassination of John F Kennedy is providing another conspiracy film. This time it's based on a journalist who investigated his death.

The assassination of JFK still leaves questions in a lot of people's minds. Is there room for another conspiracy theory film?

MTV Movies Blog, say the film will be based on Paul Alexander’s Good Night, Dorothy Kilgallen. The book is not yet published, but the film rights have already been bought. Kilgallen was a journalist and panelist on What's My Line. A friend of JFK, she investigated his assassination, and was convinced it was part of a conspiracy. She managed to interview Jack Ruby, the man who shot dead Lee Harvey Oswald. And uncovered a lot of evidence on the conspiracy theory.

Whatever she uncovered was enough for her to be put under surveillance by the FBI. She was writing her own book, called Murder One. And died not long after finishing it, it's rumoured any pages referring to JFK went missing. Her death sparked conspiracy theories of of it's own.

Sounds like another chapter in the JFK conspiracy theories. Question is, do we need another one of these films?



we can use as many conspiracy films as we can get because murder has no statute of limitations and there already has been proven that there was a conspiracy and the culprits and people who were behind hte shooters are still free.


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