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New Quantum of Solace footage online

QuantumofSolace.jpgThere's some new footage arriving for the latest Bond film which has hit cinemas already. There are a couple of television adverts (spots) and a set report from Pinewood Studios itself.

The television adverts contain the most footage, and the Pinewood Studios piece is really Pinewood advertising itself, but it contains some new clips and also director Marc Foster and producer Callum McDougall talking about the film and plenty of behind the scenes footage.

Actually you have to say why wouldn't Pinewood be blowing it's own trumpet, or letting the Bond team do it for them? They have a stunning studio set-up there that should be used more, and is getting ready to start pitching for the next two Bond films, because we know they're going to be happening.

You can see the Pinewood Quantum of Solace footage over at Pinewood's own site, and the television adverts for Quantum of Solace are right here.

Definitely new footage, and exciting stuff too. Interesting how the advert carrying the British press comments goes on and on about how great an action film it is, not mentioning how great a Bond film it is.

Is Bond really back, or has he made way for a new action star?



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