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New Transporter 3 trailer online

Transporter.jpgThere's a new trailer online for Transporter 3, and while the previous ones gave us action sequences galore, this one starts to turn to the story a bit more, but still manages to deliver more action.

The Transporter is back, and this time he's busy. However this client won't take no for an answer and rigs him and his car together. Drift seventy-five feet from the car and he'll die. So while he tries to figure out how to do the job he also has to stay alive by staying close to the car and try and hunt down the man who has done this to him.

One thing I thought about the second Transporter film, Transporter 2 (Filmstalker review), is that there was just too much silliness. The first film managed to skirt a fine line and kept most of the stunts realistic, okay it stretched them a little, but they were still there. In the second film it just went over the top and daft.

Looking at this trailer for the third Transporter film it looks like they might have toned that back down a little to the more believable. Well, I thought that and then I saw the stunt with the two trucks.

Regardless I'll still be watching it because it does deliver a shed load of stylised action, and Jason Statham is great fun to watch and this one has Robert Knepper as the bad guy, superb.

Here's the trailer, see what you think of this take on Transporter 3.



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