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Nichols to remake Akira Kurosawa film

MikeNichols.jpgMike Nichols is set to remake Akira Kurosawa's film High and Low, showing that Kurosawa is still having a huge influence on cinema today as he ever has.

This version is set to be written by David Mamet, which he was commissioned to do back in 1999 but the rights were difficult to get hold of, and then it was Martin Scorsese who was set to direct.

The original 1963 film was based on an Ed McBain novel called King's Ransom, which is an amusing twist considering the influence that Kurosawa has had on western cinema.

According to Variety the story tells of a businessman who is ruined when he pays the ransom to the kidnappers who had mistakenly kidnapped his driver's son.

Interesting as that is, the list of names associated with this story is what has me. Ed McBain adapted by Akira Kurosawa, rewritten by David Mamet, possibly executive produced by Martin Scorsese and directed by Mike Nichols.



Wow, not really sure how to take this one...I am a little more forgiving on remakes, er reimaginations, I guess you have to see how it pans out and judge on the work itself.
The original is one of my favorite Kurosawa films, only behind 7 Samurai and Sanjuro/Yojimbo. Mamet could provide some good dialogue...
But I can't help but be a little bit leary...Nichols hasnt really shown very much promise lately...I smell Clooney doing a lot of shouting trying to outsmart and out stubborn some lousy kidnappers...thoughts?

I don't know, the story is more in Mamet's hands, and I think that's the strong point. If Nichols can be influenced by the story then perhaps we could end up with something interesting.

I don't know, Closer, Primary Colors, Regarding Henry, Postcards from the Edge, Silkwood and Catch-22? Nichols has some good sides to him.


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