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Official Seven Pounds trailer online

WillSmith.jpgThe trailer has arrived for the Will Smith starrer Seven Pounds has arrived online. I had been wondering what the hook of the film really was and it's just been revealed in this trailer.

Seven Pounds looks like it could be delivering us another strong Will Smith performance, but is it going to be overly emotional and pull all the heartstrings?

Louise had the trailer online before but apparently it was online without the studio's permission - ooops - so Rope of Silicon removed it and replaced it with another. I missed the first one so I don't know how different they were, anyone else catch the previous one and can compare?

Here's the trailer for Seven Pounds starring Will Smith, Rosario Dawson, Woody Harrelson and Barry Pepper, about an IRS Agent who is depressed and guilt-ridden about the mistakes he's made in his life and is planning to kill himself.

However he decides to choose seven strangers to bestow on them seven gifts after his death, gifts that will change their lives forever. As he befriends the strangers and makes sure that each is deserving of his gift, something starts to happen, he begins to fall for one of them, a beautiful woman suffering from a heart condition.

Here's the trailer, and I'm in, despite guessing what's going to happen before it has. Perhaps though, it'll surprise me.



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