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Orgasm documentary fakes it

WhenHarryMetSallyFake.jpgA documentary about faking orgasms. Cheap titilation or something more interesting?

This story caught my eye and made me take a second look, and then I thought about it, why do people fake orgasms, and isn't there something more deep rooted in this, something that it says about the person doing it and the relationship that they're in? That's when I thought that the documentary could be onto something interesting.

Then I read in the Variety article what they were planning to do with it and my hopes were dashed. They're going to be starting off by running a fake orgasm contest. The director Jo Sol said of the film:

"Orgasm will kick off with a fake orgasm contest. We'll then go on to explore the issue's political, sociological and sexual dimensions"

Well at least it's getting back on track.

Both of Sol's last two films have become little success stories, and Thief is described as a cult film. However I'm not sure that this is sounding as strong as I thought, I mean a fake orgasm contest isn't really an examination into the political, sociological and sexual dimensions of what faking it means, and what's this about the political ramifications anyway?

Orgasm could turn out to be a rather clever documentary, it could start to examine the psychological reasons why people do it and keep fooling their partner, what pressures they feel in order to keep doing it, and what the other partners feel about it.

However it also has the potential to turn into a joke of itself, particularly when talking about a fake orgasm contest!



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