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Punisher: Warzone is R rated

ThePunisher.jpgAt last it's decided, after many rumours of a PG-13 rating, Punisher: War Zone will be rated R after all. Good news that it's finally confirmed.

Why do Lionsgate seem to make life difficult for themselves? Not to worry, we're in business now.

The Punisher: Warzone saga has been a long one. We've had Lexi Alexander, the director, seemingly off the project, and then back on. Then there was the rumours of recuts, and the one about the PG-13 rating. A Punisher film with a PG-13 rating seemed a bit strange.

Well now we can all relax, as it's confirmed that Punisher: Warzone will be an R rated film after all. The reason for the R rating? Here it is from the MPAA, through Rope of Silicon:

Rated R For pervasive strong brutal violence, language and some drug use.

Now we're talking! Now all we need is a decent plot and characters and we might be onto a winner. With that sorted, and we think Lexi Alexander back on board, maybe Lionsgate can get round to some ordinary publicity for the film. Or maybe that was the point?



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