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Quantum of Solace clip online

QuantumofSolace.jpgThere's a clip for Quantum of Solace online, and I'll warn you straight up it's as dull as the dullest moment you could choose from the film, however it's a clip and it segues me into talking about the advertising for the film which is fast becoming a bit of a joke.

Quantum of Solace may be the new Bond film, but it looks like the marketing is being handled pretty badly, even just looking at this clip you have to wonder why on earth they even bothered releasing it. Oh yeah, it's getting sites writing about it. Yet the clip's not the problem.

Let's get the boring clip out of the way which is over at MSN Movies [Flash:Embed] through AICN. Dull.

However that's not the real issue with Bond marketing. First we had the Coke Zero advert (or whatever that tasteless brown fizzy stuff is called) which featured, well, nothing from the Bond film. Some Bond-ish music and a flash type animation of Bond-esque action.

Then there's the Bond girl perfume advert. At least that one has Gemma Arterton in it, so it is borrowing something from the film, but no Daniel Craig. At least that's better, but Bond girl perfume?!

I'm wondering what we're going to see next, but it'll probably be a Bond Happy Meal or something equally as bog standard.

You have to credit Craig with staying out of these though, he's certainly made the right choice there. From what I've seen he's still advertising the high class products from Bond such as the watches and cars, not the lower end products that every film and their dog advertise now and again, and that's how it should be for Bond.

The character is about the exclusivity, the toys, money, a higher unattainable lifestyle. Bond has always advertised the higher end of products, and now it's going for Bond girl perfume and Coke with no sugar, because that's what Bond would drink when he's not on Vodka Martini's.

What next? Bond bad guy deodorant?



how about Bond chewits- ' take that you spectre villain - a strawberry chewit will keep you busy until i dismantle the miniature hi tech nuclear button size explosive device strapped to your trouser belt!!'i think Bond Bras will be next- i.e. no clip or straps!!!!Consumerism- cheap ads -it is indeed a most problematic' quantum of solace' -couple of rennies should cure that!!!!

Oh I can definitely see the Bond bra!


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