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Raimi drops Jack Ryan

SamRaimi.jpgWe may not be totally sure that Sam Raimi is going to be directing Spider-Man 4 and 5, although he really thinks he will, but we are sure that he's not going to be restarting the Jack Ryan franchise, and I think that's a good thing too.

It looks like Jack Ryan is looking for a new director while Spider-Man is rejoicing, so what does that mean for the ex-Tom Clancy series?

Sam Raimi was announced as heading up the restart of the Jack Ryan franchise, once written by Tom Clancy, I say once written because the studio have bought the character from Clancy and they're taking him out on his own, a worrying thought.

I would have liked to have thought that Raimi would have done the character justice, but that's not going to happen as he revealed that his work on the next two Spider-Man films is going to keep him really busy, and all starting about 2010, a bit too soon to get a Jack Ryan film out, even a hastily put together one from the studio.

The news that he's leaving it behind comes from MTV Movies Blog where he says:

"I love Tom Clancy, and I hope they'd keep me in mind...But because I'm committed to 'Spider-Man and making that picture, I think it's going to knock me out of the running for the Jack Ryan picture."

Despite hoping that he'll be kept in mind he does admit readily that they'll probably press ahead and won't want to wait until he's finished with two back to back Spider-Man films, and could you really see the studio sitting on the potential of Jack Ryan until Raimi was finished?

Personally I think Raimi has made the wrong choice. He's done three Spider-Man films and has admitted that at the third he was put under pressure from the studio, pushed to put extra villains in and subsequently damage the film. With another two it's just more of the same, from cast, crew, characters, story, and studio.

If he'd taken Jack Ryan on board he would have a new franchise to do with what he wanted, he could get another franchise started from the beginning, and have the chance to try something pretty different from everything he's done so far.

Now though, it's more Spider-Man, and the Jack Ryan franchise is looking for a new director. Who do you think? McG? Whoever I'm just glad the plans to carry Jack Ryan forward without Tom Clancy are scuppered for now.



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