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Rhona Mitra as Catwoman?

Doomsdaynew.jpgBatman 3 casting rumour number 3,456, okay so that's a slight exaggeration. But here we go again. No sooner has one of the writers debunked all Batman 3 rumours, than another one comes along.

We're still on Catwoman for this one though, but it's not Cher. This time its Rhona Mitra.

The Catwoman as villain for Batman 3 isn't going anywhere. First we had Angelina Jolie, then it was Cher. Yes Cher. David Goyer recently said that nothing had happened on Batman 3 yet, so nothing we'd heard so far was true.

Now Batman-On-Film, through Cinema Blend, say that Rhona Mitra is in the frame for the role of Catwoman in Batman 3. She was most recently seen in Doomsday. That's assuming Catwoman is in Batman 3, which we are not. Have to admit though, it's better that the idea of Cher putting on the suit. Isnt it?



Well she might look good in the suit but there's nothing even started on this film.

You know what, I might put a ban on Batman 3 rumours until we get something concrete - that is unless you lot out there want to hear them?

Either that or we work on releasing our own rumour...now there's a thought.

You mean like the one about Jack Nicholson coming back to play the Joker. While Britney Spears plays Catwoman, and that guy from High School musical plays Robin?

If Bale wasn't Batman already, he's have made a great Joker

i totally agree with louise,i mentioned that to everyone before!watch the end of american psycho when hes speaking on the phone to his lawyer.he would of been a great joker!And Rhona mitra seems like a good choice but anybody other angelina jolie and cher.I also think jennifer connelly is a good choice.

Ms. Mitra would make the best and sexiest Catwoman since Julie Newmar!

She is so damn sexy and would make a perfect baddy to Batman, plus I can see the first sex scene ever between Catwoman and the Caped Crusader!


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