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Ridley Scott on Brave New World

RidleyScott.jpgIt's been a few months since Ridley Scott announced his return to sci fi. He had announced plans to make a film of Brave New World. The book by Aldous Huxley.

There hasn't been any news since, with Scott busy making Body of Lies. But now some details are emerging, including how he came upon the project.

Ridley Scott says that he was shown the project by someone from Leonardo Di Caprio's production company. And that the difficulty is getting it all down on paper, as it's a tricky adaptation. He talked to i09, through First Showing.net:

And it's a big challenge, in fact. Because when you look at the two players or visionaries in the field, at that moment [it] would be Huxley and it would be [George Orwell] and that was 60 or 75 years ago. They were predictions in a way, they weren't aware at the time, but they were predictions. One could argue that Orwell kind of got there first and Orwell was closer to the notion of 'big brother,' [with the] Cold War. But I don't think that's it, I think that big brother may be the internet. I don't know but I think that's the way it's going to go. And so the Aldous Huxley's [novel] literally what is called Brave New World that's a very hard adaptation. So we're still dancing with that one, but it's a challenge.

He also hinted that there may be a role perfect for Di Caprio. I've never read the book, but from what I can tell it will make for an epic film. Anyone out there read it? Is it good film material?



The book is fantastic, I read it many years ago and have always wanted to see a film version that could encapsulate the vision. It could be an astonishing film.

I still have the book on my Amazon Wish List. I dunno why, I think I should just order it now!... but if I do then I will no doubt end up ordering the whole DVD selection. Whaah!

This might be pretty good. Scott's got the talent, but will it be as different from the book as Blade Runner is to Do Androids...?

Oh, and Louise. It's a great book. Definitely worth checking out :)

I might buy it and give it a read. Although I'm still ploughing through The Dark Tower series, courtesy of Richard.


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