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Russian Alexander Kolchak epic

RussianFlag.jpgA new blockbuster is set to come from Russia, perhaps to rival the success of the Night Watch series and also to have some political impact both in and out of its domestic territory.

The film, Admiral, looks to the historical figure of Alexander Kolchak and glorifies the story for the Russian audience, taking a figure once portrayed as evil by the Soviet government, and turning them into a heroic figure.

Alexander Kolchak was a naval hero who led White Russian forces into battle against the Bolsheviks in Siberia and became the Supreme Governor of Russia for a short while before being killed by a Communist firing squad.

Kolchak was demonised by the Soviet government as a Tsarist enemy of the people, but now it seems that the glorious past of Russia is back at the fore for the new Russian government who want to try and rebuild the glorious historical past for political and moral reasons. Well, that's what Yahoo News say.

Admiral will tell the story of the naval commander who is a...actually let me put in the words of Yahoo News as there's an excellent grammatical pun in there:

...loving father, dashing lover and principled leader of the doomed White Russians as they make a final stand in the winter snow.

Well I got that, the image of him making love to his White Russian siblings in the snow had me having a wee giggle, anyway.

The article continues on and tells the end of the story and of how he leaves his lover, who happens to be his best friend's wife, and heads to his firing squad, refusing his blindfold and standing bravely in front of a cathedral to be shot by the communists.

Sounds a little over egged perhaps, something that historians aren't that sure about this version of events and suggest that they've been slightly altered in order to garner the excitement of the Russian people.

Director Andrei Kravchuk spoke about the film and said:

"It's very important we talk about our history, our country, our officers...If we understand that we had such a history, such people... we can fill ourselves with dignity, and the notion of motherland and patriotism, which can seem worn and tarnished, gains new, concrete, visible meaning."

The film is set to break a record for the number of prints being released this week across Russia in the hopes that it will recoup the US $20 million budget and then some, breaking records at home and abroad.

However there is a question of whether or not this is a bit more propaganda and historical accuracy and a little less actual fact.

Still is it such a problem that it helps Russian people remember their strong historical figures? Or should it be more realistic?



A great movie! I got my copy at russian-dvds.com and I watch it over and over again.


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