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Seth Rogen on The Green Hornet

TheGreenHornet.jpgThe Green Hornet is moving along with Seth Rogen and Stephen Chow. And now Rogen has been talking a little about the direction the film will take. He's trying to fill the uninitiated in on the history of The Green Hornet.

He also hints at the balance they will have to strike between comedy and realism.

The Green Hornet finally got the green light, with Seth Rogen starring. And then Stephen Chow joined, not only as Kato, but as director too. And it turns out Rogen is planning an origins story, to cater for what he feels are a lot of people not familiar with The Green Hornet. He spoke to MTV.

No one gives a sh--.There was, like, three people [who care about 'Hornet']. It [had to be] somewhat of [an origin story then]. We didn't intend it to be one, but we realized that no one knows anything about the Green Hornet, and it actually became more confusing than anything that we didn't include somewhat of an origin story. We realized through people being very confused with our screenplay that we should probably include somewhat of an origin in it.

The little I know of The Green Hornet comes from Bruce Lee. So a bit of an origin story suits me fine. It might not please die hard fans who already know the history though. I guess we can assume a sequel is planned if the first proves successful. A film which doesn't need the back story explained.

A while ago, Rogen also explained that the film wouldn't be a comedy. But with Chow now directing, Rogen says they are thinking carefully on how to get the balance right. Chow's previous films include Kung Fu Hustle and Shaolin Soccer. Rogen say they are only now beginning to think about how to pull it off:

We're figuring out now what exactly the reality level is and exactly how to let [Stephen] have fun, but [at the same time] do something that's accessible to American audiences. [But] I gotta be honest. We are, like, literally in the process of having those conversations right now. We're at the very early phases.

American audiences. Okay, the rest of us will take what we get then. Do you want The Green Hornet to fill in the blanks? Are you worried with Chow on board that it will become too comedic?



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