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Seven Pounds international trailer online

WillSmith.jpgThe international trailer has arrived online for Seven Pounds, but really it's not that different to the first one. The changes are small and subtle, making a little alteration in tone and intent, and if you're into your trailers this makes for an interesting comparison with the previous one.

Seven Pounds is the new film starring Will Smith and tells the story of a man who...well we don't know that much about it, but after seeing the two trailers I can take a damn good stab at what it's about. Beware, there are no doubt spoilers following.

In Seven Pounds Will Smith plays a man who is depressed and laden with guilt over something he has done in his life, something he cannot forget nor forgive himself for. He picks seven strangers to help as a way of penance, but first he must get to know them and see if they are worthy of the gift he'll give them. However he begins to fall for one of the seven strangers, a woman played by Rosario Dawson, and his plans are teetering on collapse.

So you've seen that write up, now if you watch the two trailers I think it's pretty clear that he's going to be donating his organs to these people after he kills himself, and his friend and possibly lawyer, Barry Pepper, is the one who must carry out his wishes.

He's found these seven people worthy of his organs, one we see is blind, played by Woody Harrelson, and another has a heart condition (like me), and she's played by Dawson. There are five others, but their conditions aren't identifiable in the trailer. However he starts to fall in love with Dawson and you can guess that he's going to start forgiving himself with her help, then before you know it, he's in love.

She, and maybe he, won't want him to die, but if he doesn't she will, and the lives of these other strangers won't be made better by his sacrifice.

Expect either a twist and unhappy ending, or a marvellous everything's amazingly worked out okay ending, oh and plenty of tears on the way.

Now it might sound like I'm poking some fun at the film, well I am, but at the same time I think it looks very good and promises a superb performance (once again) from Smith. I'm loving his latest run of strong roles and long may they continue. I've always thought he could do so much more after Six Degrees of Separation.

Right, here's the trailer:



Nice writeup! Thanks.

Thanks for the spoiler ! I was dying to know what this movie was about !


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