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Singleton leaves The A Team

TheATeam.jpgA little over four years ago to the day, some guy called Richard Brunton wrote about a film of The A-Team. Four years later and we are not really any further forward.

If anything we've taken a step back, as John Singleton will no longer be directing. Not only that, but the release date has been pushed back too. I'm beginning to wish someone would put and end to this one.

Since The A-Team film was first rumoured in October 2004, we keep getting little snippets of news. Mostly indicating that it was moving forward, and the odd casting rumour. Then John Singleton agreed to direct it, and we all thought we were finally getting somewhere.

However, even with a director it was slow going. And the last we heard Tyrese Gibson had agreed to join the cast. But now IESB say the release date has been moved, and Singleton has left the project. Instead of being released in June 2009, it will be June 2010. They say that Singleton has left due to the number of re writes, and the date change.

I'm beginning to wonder if this one will ever get made. The more it shifts, the less likely actors who were interested before will be free. And if they can't come up with a decent script in four years, shouldn't we be worried? Do you still want an A-Team film?



When first announced years ago-in the media that A Team is heading for cinematic return- there was excitement-the reality is-that the remake will never be made as the fun loving roller coasting 'juvenile' adventure that we all remember-who can ever forget their childlike bickering or the fact that these super mercenaries created weapons of mass distraction from nuts and bolts-and very rarely harmed anyone.That was the A-Team-a safe weekly very family orientated adventure-
Hong Kong made a series of hi concept gadget led- stunt filled action comedy series of spoof movies-ACES GO PLACES -another 1970s to 1980s memory lane-if you ever watched any of the Chinatown movies-i always felt that there was an A Team feel about these crazy movies- enjoyable even featuring iconic characters like Bond 007 and even the evil nazi guy from Raiders of the Lost Ark!
I do not want a dark trendy gritty A-Team- i want the concept of the original in more hi concept scenarios similar to the 'Aces Go Places' movies

Do you think that would really work though? Could they really pull off a version of the A-Team where no one ever gets hurt, and where they make a tank out of bits left over in a farm barn?

I think it could work by keeping the characters the same and making the story around them darker, but you're right, making everything darker makes it another story, The Losers.

That's a great comic book by the way, word was that Peter Berg was to be taking that on, before he signed up for Dune. That's what a darker A-Team would become.


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