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Update: Two Soul Men red band trailers online

SoulMen.jpgI haven't really had much of an interest in Soul Men, despite the promise of the cast list, until I decided to watch this red band trailer. For those of you who don't know, red band means that the American religious aged parenting censoring and restoring Victorian values group known as the MPAA have deemed that the clip will cause your sexual organs to awaken, your serial killer bloodlust to rise, and a sudden rise in the understanding of evolution and Richard Dawkins words.

Anyway, that aside the clip is interesting because it seems to offer a lot more than I thought it would. It's not just sexual jokes and swearing for humour, there seems to be a bit of a depth here, and perhaps it might be worth watching after all.

You can see the Soul Men red band trailer right here:

Soul Men leads with Samuel L. Jackson and the late Bernie Mac and even stars the legendary Isaac Hayes. It tells the story of two soul singing legends who haven't spoken for twenty years after a huge falling out. However they're enticed back to appear in a reunion performance at the Apollo Theater in memory of their band's lead singer who recently died.

Doesn't sound that exciting, and part of the trailer makes me think of Planes, Trains and Automobiles, not just with the bedroom scene but with the character relationship, with hatred, fun and something darker in the background.

I don't know, it looks interesting from the trailer.

There's another red band trailer for Soul Men online, well it's a different cut at least, and rather than stretch out another story about the same thing, I thought I'd just tag it on here. You can see a different and more story telling type red band trailer for Soul Men over at Coming Soon [Flash].



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