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Stalked: Bale to be Dr Strange?, Joaquin Phoenix retiring?

The rumour mill has Christian Bale starring as Dr Strange.

Has Joaquin Phoenix retired?

Yes it's time to get the rumour file out again. And this one is a beauty. The Dr Strange film that Marvel think will be made some time after 2012, could be starring Batman himself Christian Bale. I can't see this happening. Even if he could bear a physical resemblance to Dr Strange, he's Batman. The news is from Cinema Blend. Would you want Bale to play Dr Strange?

We may or may not have seen the last of Joaquin Phoenix as an actor. He has apparently given up acting, to concentrate on his music. Where have I heard that line before? According to Jo Blo he said:

I'm not doing films anymore. Yeah. I'm working on my music. I'm done. I've been through that.

Are you bothered if he really is done?



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