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Stalked: Brett Ratner, Hilary Swank, Red Tails

Brett Ratner is confirmed on God of War.

Hilary Swank is starring in Betty Anne Waters.

George Lucas has a director for Red Tails.

Earlier this year we learned that Brett Ratner was potentially working on a film adaptation of God of War. Well now it's been confirmed that he is working on it. Ugo, through FirstShowing.net, say Ratner has mentioned it as one if his upcoming projects. I've never played the game so I really don't mind either way. And God of War fans out there? What do you think about Ratner directing the film version.

Hilary Swank will star in Betty Anne Waters, a drama based on a true story. It will tell the story of a woman who fights to prove her brother is innocent after he is sent to jail. She works a a waitress and raises her kids, while studying to become a lawyer. And then represents her brother, after he exhausts the appeals he can launch with public defenders. Sounds like some meaty stuff for Swank. The news is from Variety.

George Lucas is giving us something other than a rehash of Star Wars. He has Anthony Hemingway directing Red Tails. The story of a group of airmen who overcame racism in the military to form the Tuskegee Airmen. They became the first African American fighter pilots in American military history. George Lucas wrote the story himself based on the World War II pilots. The news is from Variety.



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