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Stalked: Entering Hades, Sleeper, Headshot, Election

Just rounding up some announcements of films hitting production over the last couple of days, some of them from graphic novels, some just straight novels, but all have interesting plots.

Entering Hades (Amazon.co.uk / Amazon.com) - the true story of a journalist who strangled prostitutes in the 1990's.

Sleeper (Amazon.co.uk / Amazon.com) - Ed Brubaker comic about an agent who has an alien artefact fused with his body that makes him impervious to pain.

Headshot - A cop and a hitman get together to hunt down a common enemy.

How to Rig an Election (Amazon.co.uk / Amazon.com) - How to Rig an Election is the story of
the dirty tricks that American political parties play in order to make sure the other candidate loses, and none of them are about politics.

How to Rig an Election will be adapted and directed by Billy Ray from a novel by Allen Raymond that follows Raymond, a GOP operative (whatever that is because Variety seems to forget it's serving an international audience), who worked on a dirty tricks campaign (aren't they all?) against the Democratic Party in 2002.

He used such tricks as calling opposition voters pretending to be campaigning for the opposition, during the Superbowl, but his downfall came when he hired a telemarketing company to fire automated calls at the Democratic headquarters in order to shut them down. He served three months in jail as a result, but the Senate election result stood.

Ray previously wrote Hart's War, Flightplan and is writing the remake of Westworld.

Headshot is a franchise of graphic novels that sees a cop team up with a hitman to hunt down the person who killed his partner. On their trek they discover that they have a common enemy and there's much more that connects them than they first thought. According to Variety Alessandro Camon adapted the story and Alexis Nolent wrote the three book graphic novel.

Sleeper is an adaptation of the Ed Brubaker written comic book that has an agent who comes into contact with an alien artefact which makes him impervious to pain and can pass on his ability to others by touching them. According to Variety Brad Ingelsby is writing the adaptation and is being produced by Sam Raimi.

Entering Hades is the story of a journalist called Jack Unterweger who strangled prostitutes in both Vienna and Los Angeles and covered up his own crimes. He eventually hanged himself after being sentenced to life for his crimes. Robert Schwentke, previously of The Time Traveler's Wife and Flightplan, is set to direct. The story comes from Variety.



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