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Stalked: Foxx fights Butler, Gosling Green Arrow, Brolin Jonah Hex

JamieFoxx.jpgJamie Foxx is set to battle Gerard Butler in Law Abiding Citizen...

Josh Brolin is rumoured to be playing Jonah Hex...

Ryan Gosling is rumoured to be the Green Lantern...

Jaime Foxx is in final negotiations to play off of Gerard Butler in the film Law Abiding Citizen to be directed by Frank Darabont with a script from Kurt Wimmer. From The Hollywood Reporter:

"...the script follows a successful assistant D.A. (Butler) who finds himself at the center of a vigilante plot hatched by a traumatized victim of the legal system (Foxx). Foxx's character is devastated to learn that, because of a plea bargain, one of his wife and daughter's murderers will be set free. So he unleashes revenge on the killers and those who made the deal."

Superhero films really are hitting the big time as Josh Brolin is being linked to the adaptation of the western anti-hero comic book character Jonah Hex, a former Confederate soldier who travels across the pretty much lawless U.S. (that's in the past I'll have you know) working as a vigilante and bounty hunter. With a badly scarred face and a struggle with alcoholism, he's a dark and complex character.

According to Hollywood Elsewhere the deal is done and he's the man, and the story from Cinema Blend tells us that the film version will have plenty of CGI and science fiction elements. Is that right for Jonah Hex?

Ryan Gosling is another big name being linked to a superhero film, and another off the mainstream superhero character (although not that much). The Green Lantern has a rumoured lead, and although nothing is confirmed, Latino Review through Cinema Blend are sure he's the man for the job. Oh, and this is a stand alone film, not a Justice League of America film.



Now we are seeing good trends coming from hollywood post Dark Knight. Actually pursuing good talent for comic book roles. Not just big names, but great actors.
Brolin is still unproven in my book, I guess we'll see how W goes, but it seems like a good fit.
Gosling would be a good GL, a lot of pent up anger like he does so well.
Last I heard on the Green Lantern though, I thought they were going the John Stewart way and not have him be white? Could be wrong..
Its all rumour right now, I've learned not to get too excited until its official.

Absolutely, the two superhero castings here are rumour and they could go any way.

I had heard that Green Lantern rumour, and it's probably not one that's too far out. Oh I hope they don't go all comedy and have Eddie Murphy for the role!! Oh dear me...that idea just struck me, it's the kind of stupid thing a studio would do!

For the longest time I kept hearing Common for the role of GL, but that was around the time they were talking about Brad Pitt for Thor as well, we know how that turned out.
Murphy would be perfect! Throw in Paul Giamatti as a crazy homeless sidekick and the Olsen Twins as moral support and we've got a winner!


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