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Stalked: Hellraiser, Milla Jovovich, Kim Cattrall

The Hellraiser remake may have a director.

Milla Jovovich may not be in Clock Tower.

And Kim Cattrall is Miss January.

The Hellraiser remake has been slow going, with script delays and directors leaving. Now the replacement for Alexandre Bustillo and Julien Maury may have been found. Bloody Disgusting, through Latino Review, say that Pascal Laugier is now in talks to write and direct the remake. Could this finally be getting off the ground?

No sooner was Milla Jovovich starring in Clock Tower, than she wasn't. It was rumoured early this week that she would be in the video game adaptation. But now Shock Till You Drop, through Horror Movies, say Jovovich will not be appearing after all.

Kim Cattrall is to star in Miss January. Variety say it is about a young guy who travels across America to meet a cinema star of the 1980s. Although now she is a 50 year old single mother, who is now in a custody battle. It will also star Brian Dennehy, Dustin Ingram, Keith David and Sam McMurray.



Hellraiser remake will be 'strange'-In the original- i have always felt Barker's possible personal interest in pain-erotic bondage filtered through the series quite a bit-and incidentally a vital part of the degradation of imaginative human endeavours
Which is fine -but Hellraiser-which is an alternative universe of demons-existing on human misery-and the human's sexual arousement through sadism and masochism-was a very intriguing and adult premise-Due to its originality makes the first movie an ultimate classic-
A remake would either need to explore the extreme bondage aspect of a demonic sexual nature on a larger scale (possibly japanese anime classic-Urotsokidoji style)- or try a Lovecraftian approach.
Hellraiser almost seemed like a personal project for Clive Barker-possibly an exploration of his own sexuality who knows.
The early Hellraiser films do offer a deep profound journey through the darker side of the cerebral hemispheres-
I would accept a remake if it is going towards another direction away from Barkers.


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