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Stalked: Robin Williams, Ron Pearlman, Martin Lawrence

Robin Williams is suing people.

Ron Perlman is in Season of the Witch.

And Martin Lawrence is heading back to Big Momma's House.

Robin Williams is suing the makers of a detective film he was supposed to star in. The comedy was called A Couple of Dicks. And James Gandolfini was supposed to be the other, well detective. Variety say Williams had a pay or play deal, and as the film didn't get going in time, he is suing for the sum of $6 million. Nice work if you can get it.

Ron Perlman is joining Nicolas Cage in Season of the Witch, Dominic Sena is directing the film. It tells the story of knights, who are transporting a witch suspected of starting the Black Plague. The news is from Coming Soon.

We can all rest easy, Martin Lawrence is making another one of those Big Momma films. The third one will be released next year. Big Momma’s House 3 is currently at the script stage. Jeez, I'd rather he made another Bad Boys film. The news is from IESB, through /Film.



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