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Stalked: Samuel L Jackson, Hugh Grant

Samuel L Jackson is in Iron Man 2.

Whilst Hugh Grant is not in Lost for Words.

Samuel L Jackson has been talking about Iron Man 2. After his cameo appearance post credits in Iron Man, he says he will be in Iron Man 2. IESB asked the man himself about it:

Jackson replied that as a matter of fact, IRON MAN director Jon Favreau spoke to him at the Scream Awards last night, and Favreau told Jackson that Nick Fury would have a much more prominent role in the second one.

And apparently he is looking forward to working with Don Cheadle, who as we know is replacing Terrence Howard. I suppose given the end scene of Iron Man, it's no surprise he'll be playing a fairly big part. But hey, at least they haven't recast him...

Hugh Grant has left Lost for Words. That was the romantic comedy he was to star in alongside Zhang Ziyi. He was to play British actor starring in a Chinese film, who has after a brief fling with a translator, falls for the director. Variety say it is down to the old favourite, creative differences.



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