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Stalked: Yogi Bear, Edward Furlong

Yogi Bear is heading to a cinema near you.

And so is Edward Furlong.

Warner Bros is planning a Yogi Bear feature film. Ash Brannon, who co-wrote and directed Surf's Up is to direct. It will be a mix of animation and live action, like Alvin and the Chipmunks. The news is from The Hollywood Reporter.

Edward Furlong has signed on to star in a horror film. He has joined the cast of Night of the Demons, alongside Diora Baird, Shannon Elizabeth, Monica Keena, Bobbi Sue Luther, Jonathan Beach, Michael Copon and Tiffany Shepis. It's a remake of a 1980s film of the same name, about a group of teenagers who hold a Halloween party, which goes horribly wrong. The news comes from Bloody Disgusting.



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